President Barbara opened with O Canada, toast to King and Country and Rotary International, and the 4-Way Test
Barbara quoted Kahlil Gibran and his book "The Prophet" saying that we are all the same by helping and giving of ourselves. She spoke of the 7 areas of focus and vision of Rotary. Bill Horn recalled Frank Sanders the Charter President of our club and of the Service Above Self awards. Below are photos of 4 Recipients. Teacher Natalie Matos and student Nancy Guenter of East Elgin Secondary School were unable to attend.
Below are President Barbara, Teacher Christy Dutka, Student Aiden Martin (AVSS)

My name is Christy Dutka, the Communications Technology teacher at Arthur Voaden Secondary School. It is with great pleasure that I introduce grade 12 student; Aiden Martin, as the “Service Above Self” award recipient for 2023.

From the first day I met Aiden; his caring, consideration and respect for others was evident. As a new teacher at Arthur Voaden, I was blessed to have a student with such kindness and willingness to help his peers, and myself, adjust to new surroundings.

Aiden is alway quick to help others, offer advice, and I always appreciated his feedback and ideas on his learning in my classroom. Aiden is a veteran in the Communications classroom, and used his knowledge to provide great morning announcements. He is very comfortable in front of a camera, and his glowing personality and acting talent was well loved throughout the entire school. Aiden demonstrates high academic standards and this was proven through his work ethic and dedication to learning. His work was always exceptional, and completed with obvious care and attention.

Aiden cares about the social climate within the school by volunteering to take photos of clubs, teams and school events. He has always helped with the special olympics events at our school, proving his care for others and selflessness by making time to help when needed. He is always the first to offer a hand to any teacher or student without hesitation. 

On many occasions I have seen Aiden provide an ear to listen to others who may be struggling. I know that many of my colleagues agree that this award is well deserved by Aiden; as his humanism, amicable demeanor and wit is appreciated by everyone at AVSS.   

Thank you Aiden, It has been a pleasure teaching you, and I know that he will do great things one day. Congratulations on receiving the “Service Above Self” award. You should be proud of the wonderful person you are… to everyone.
Below are Barbara, Student Antonia Platten, Teacher Ezra Nicholson: (CECI)
Ezra spoke:
Antonia Platten is CECI’s E. Frank Sanders Service Above Self winner for 2023.  While Antonia is an outstanding student, her grade 12 average is 95%, it is her kindness, compassion, and willingness to give of herself that made her an obvious choice for this award.   
Antonia embodies what it means to be a Titan.  Over her time at CECI, she has participated in The Inside Ride, the annual Kam Jam tournament, school dances, and volunteering at the Grade 8 Open House. Antonia can always be counted on to participate in spirit days, dress up for Halloween, and wear her orange proudly at a school House Colour assembly. This year she was one of the founding members of the Business Club. Over her time at Central Elgin, she was also a member of the tennis team and the band. Antonia also represented CECI at the TVDSB Relationships First student conference this past August.
Antonia was an active and important member of CECI’s leadership class. Antonia’s reliability and willingness to step up resulted in her playing an important role in the planning and execution of the Terry Fox Carnival of Hope, Titans Through Time, and the Grade 9 BBQ. Antonia also demonstrated outstanding leadership when she organized the annual lip dub video for her major event.
Antonia’s involvement and leadership extends outside of her time at CECI through volunteer work. Antonia has actively sought out ways to make a difference in the St Thomas community. She currently volunteers at both the St Thomas Art Gallery and the St Thomas Library. She has also volunteered at Locke’s Public School, her former elementary school, by assisting with events run by the Parent Volunteer Association. Antonia has also volunteered her time to provide childcare so parents could attend Child and Family Services meetings.   
Below are Barbara, Student Allison Pimlatt and Teacher Amber Wadford (Parkside HS)
Over the past four years, Allie has been giving her time both behind and in front of the scenes, helping to build
a positive school culture and environment that’s safe for everyone at Parkside Collegiate.

As the Student Council VP External last year, and the Student Council President this year, Allie has spent
many hours planning and carrying out activities and events for our school community with the goal of creating
a feeling of inclusivity, safety and positivity. Over the past two years, she has been a leader when organizing
our Pride Month activities, making sure that we are sharing accurate information by consulting with the school’s
LGBTQ2s+ organization. Allie also organized the first school dance in 2 years that had the most grade 9 and
10 students we have ever had. This was such a great way to start the year and welcome in the grade 9s and
especially the grade 10s that had a very quiet grade 9 year. These dances are such positive events, bringing
in a lot of different students into one event, and she puts a lot of time into making sure they run well. Allie also
helped to organize a whole school fun day at the end of the 2021-2022 school year to help bring some joy and
celebration to the end of a school year that had felt the most normal in 2 years and bring together all of our
students. It was a fantastic day that had students dressing up, meeting new friends and celebrating a return to
having fun together. She has also been a main character putting together our annual pumpkin carving events,
spirit weeks, pep rallies and Remembrance Day Assemblies.

On the Parkside Stampeders Robotics team - the Thunderstamps - Allie has given a lot of time to the program
as the Sponsorship and Scouting captain. The Robotics program is an amazing program that gives students
the opportunity to compete in provincial and international competitions and build a variety of skills. As the
sponsorship and scouting captain, Allie was not front and centre during competitions, but she gave a lot of time
making sure that this program had what it needed to not only survive but thrive and her contributions made the
program even that much more successful and a place for all students to bloom.

Allie is an extremely hard worker, that has put in a lot of time over the past 4 years at Parkside to continue to
work towards a building that has space for all and events that all students can enjoy and participate in. Allie
leads with kindness and understanding and has set a great example for the student council members that
come behind her. Her willingness to give her time to our school is what made her a perfect candidate for the
Rotary Service Above Self award.
Below are Barbara, Student Kristian Susnjar, Teacher John Regan (St Joseph's HS)
John spoke:
I have come to know Kristian as a student in my History class. He came to my attention very early on in the course due to the fact that he was completing his work quickly and capably, in order to assist other students around him. He freely gave his time and talent to aid his peers. That alone was heartwarming to witness, but his ability to interact with the other students was exemplary, intuitive and caring. It was clear most readily that the students respect Kristian and welcome his calm, friendly demeanor.
Kristian shares his gifts willingly, needing no prodding or encouragement. He has overcome his own roadblocks over his time at our school, yet he seeks to remove those roadblocks for his peers, through kindness and service.
Kristian is also a dedicated family member. He frequently does the cooking for his family, particularly on weekends, and relishes the opportunity to share his cooking skills with his family. He is a younfg person of tremendous integrity, loyalty and faith. He is a model of service above self.
There will be no meeting next week but in 2 Weeks we do Seminar for Tomorrow's Leaders presentations.
Nancy passed out the signup list for helping with the "Hero's Lunch" beside the Hospital at St Hilda's/ St Luke's 6Jun23. Volunteers will make homemade cookies for the occasion and be on hand to prepare and serve lunch. 
Mark encouraged us to participate in the Car Show Sat 15July23. He needs 2 volunteers to help park cars then we can man a table to sell Tour Tickets and give out reminder business cards.
Trish will have tickets for changeover event at Pinafore Park in two weeks time.  Cost is $40 pp and it is a steak dinner catered by Nick and Trudy Kanellis.  The date is:  Wednesday June 21 at 5:30 for social and 6 p.m. for dinner
Nancy agreed to write up a District Grant Application.
From Diane Chantler; We are happy to be delivering RLI (Rotary Learning) II on June 5th and 12th by Zoom and there is still time and space for your to register.
Happy Fins
Ron - Presentation of awards to students, his first wife had an orthopedic plate installed because of a break in her leg at age 87.
Barb - 2 daughters on the same plane to England, one for vacation and the other for a course, son got a suit for a young man going to prom by organizing donations from others
Maggie - Presentation of awards to students, Mother's day flowers from the same florist from 2nd son and daughter, all mourn the passing of brother
Cindy - Presentation of awards to students,visit of daughter, business activity picking up
Bill - Presentation of awards to students,
Mary - Presentation of awards to students, Mother's day
Nancy - Presentation of awards to students, 
Stew - Presentation of awards to students, Mostly moved into condo
Trish - Presentation of awards to students, Nancy's work on the Heros Lunch
Mark -Presentation of awards to students show that the future is bright, Father in law also had orthopedic surgery with plate in elbow after an altercation with a lawn mower
Pat - Presentation of awards to students, Weekend in Toronto by bus from Flying J