Posted by Suzanne Ferguson on Jun 06, 2019
This group is always happy to get together
Trudy's great work of overseeing and helping
install cots at Inn out of the Cold (photos compliments
of club Facebook page)
A social / learn more of the members meeting.  The members enjoyed telling everyone what their summer plans are.
We congratulated Trudy on her appointment to the Elgin County Police Services Board.  Also she has joined the Southwold Young at Heart Club that meets Thursdays for social, contact Trudy for details, all welcome.
Jessica Petz update – She has a new job (short term contract with UNICEF) and will be starting work in the democractic replublic of Congo and she will be helping to conduct research on the Ebola response.  Her email is
Ron moved and Nancy seconded that $1,500 for the Rotary Club of Grand Bend Mozambique project.  MOTION CARRIED.
50 / 50 draw Pat Martyn
Happy Finns
Malcolm 4 – report for indigence women; honour of D Day
Bill 3 – Birthday; Plunkett car show;  Dday
Adriana 2 – Marco graduation; cousins survived bad car accident
Nancy 2 – Muslim dinner; volunteer luncheon
Ron 2 – 25th anniversary of Harbour House; Grandson graduating from Trent; large summer job list
Gerry 2 – Neighbours birthday; new car
Pat 4—Raptors; 50/50 win; cardiologist appointment in Toronto; D Day
Duty Roster




Fine Master 



Trish Shouldice 

Stewart Shouldice 



Gerald Vreman 

Barbara Warnock 



Adriana Balderas 

Connie Davidson