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17Mar21 Report of New President training
Pat Martyn has been busy delivering flowers to spouses of former members. See pic above (sorry CR has rotated) of the flowers gratefully received.
We received a thank you letter from the group Violence Against Women Services Elgin.
24Apr21 Our club will help Railway City Rotary Club to tidy V A Barrie Park. The city is providing mandatory training on 31Mar21 at 5 pm with the RCRC regarding the disposal of needles. There will be no regular meeting of our club that day. Our insurance certificate is being obtained online.
Next Wed we will “celebrate” 1-year using Zoom to meet. Nancy will speak about the water project.
Nancy, Barbara, Gerry attended the PETS training webinar attended by members from 13 Rotary districts. Nancy stated that it was a banner event as it is a new way of training by addressing people from across US and Canada at one event without travel.

Erin Shanke, incoming President from Flint Michigan asked us to prevent barriers to participation.

Mike Chaffee, district governor-elect stated that clubs that are losing members meet at noon, and clubs that are gaining members meet after 5 pm. See pic below of upcoming webinar regarding membership attraction/retention:

Nancy also requested that we include new member entry interviews as well as exit interviews.

Catharine and Ron spoke about a fundraising idea. We agreed to meet by Zoom. See message from Catharine:
The first organizing committee meeting for the Rotary Fall Tour will be meeting on
Tuesday March 23 at 7PM.  Please mark your calendars.
Gerry will be forwarding the Zoom link and agenda on Monday.


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To District Club Presidents, President Elects and Club Secretary
Hello Stewart Shouldice,
Well spring is on its way! Thank you for your recent feedback about your club’s level of interest in participating in the End Polio Now Tulip Polio project. We have firmed up some more details and I’m happy to share them with you.
Joan Fisher has kindly agree to take on the role of Rotary Tulip Co-Ordinator for our district.
Our District 6330 will be receiving a shipment of 500 boxes of tulips in early October. The tulips will retail for $25.00/box of 25 bulbs.
The sales of tulips will commence in late May (date still to be determined) and conclude on July 31st (or sooner if we sell out).
We are asking for each Club who is willing to sell tulips to assign one Club member in advance to act as Tulip Captain (job description is forthcoming) for your Club and to provide Joan with the contact information (name, phone no., email, and your club name). Joan's contact information is below. Please reach out to Joan by April 10th.
Order forms and poster (sample attached) can be circulated when tulip sales commence.
  • Payment is due at the time customers place their orders.
  • All the money collected from orders will have to be in to Joan by August 6th.
  • Club Tulip Captains must keep weekly track of tulip sales by Club members and collect all the money by August 4th.
  • Club Tulip Captain will forward weekly volume of new orders to Joan so she can keep track of overall sales (to ensure we don’t sell more tulips than we have inventory!).
Your Club will receive a minimum of $14/box for tulips sold to be allocated to End Polio.  It may be more than this quote, but is dependent on the shipping costs from Nova Scotia to London.
A member of the Rotary Global Passport Club, Betty Dore, will keep track of sales. 
Feel free to email/call Joan Fisher if you have any questions:
In some communities, Rotary Clubs are planning to purchase these tulips and plant them in civic gardens.  Something your Club might like to consider.
Katherine Hahn
District 6330 Polio Chair
(519) 272-4859
Dear Rotary member,

Diversity has long been one of Rotary’s core values and continues to serve as a foundation for how we interact with each other and our communities. In 2019, Rotary International’s Board of Directors adopted a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement. A year later, we convened the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force, a group I am proud to chair. And last month, RI President Holger Knaack reiterated our commitment to making DEI even more ingrained in Rotary’s culture.

Our goal is clear: We want everyone who engages with Rotary to feel valued, respected, and welcomed — no matter who they are, where they are in the world, or how long they have been connected with Rotary. One of our Action Plan priorities is to expand our reach to engage with others who share our passion for service. Our capacity for doing good is amplified when we not only welcome but actively invite into the conversation people who have a variety of experiences, cultures, and perspectives.

A strong belief in the power of diversity is one of our enduring strengths, but we recognize that there are still opportunities to learn and grow. So, to better align Rotary’s culture with our organizational vision, we have engaged the DEI specialists at PwC, a global network of firms providing professional services, to help us assess and better understand how Rotary members and participants across the globe perceive and experience DEI.

Our first step is to conduct a survey to determine where we are today. We’ll gather vital information to learn:
  • Whether diversity is valued and championed at the club and district levels and among Rotary’s senior leaders
  • Whether every person feels respected, accepted, and included in all of their engagements and interactions with Rotary
  • How members perceive equity of in opportunity and access to leadership roles opportunities
  • Whether perceptions about diversity, equity, and inclusion are the same for people of all backgrounds
Rotary will administer the survey and provide the responses to an independent, third-party consultant vendor for analysis. The responses will be kept confidential, and this information won’t be used for any other purpose.

We’ll use the survey responses, along with focus groups, interviews, and documentation reviews, to develop a plan that enhances the Rotary member and participant experience by making diversity, equity, and inclusion even more central to Rotary’s culture.

A representative sample of current and former Rotarians, along with current district governors, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Trustees, will be invited by email to complete the survey the week of 22 March. The questionnaire will remain open for three weeks. If you choose to participate, we encourage you to provide thoughtful and candid feedback.

Each recipient will have a unique survey link that cannot be shared with others. In the spirit of inclusivity, if a member who did not receive a survey invitation wants to participate, they can send their email address and preferred language to to receive the survey.

This is just the beginning of our journey of learning and discovery. We recognize that DEI is a sensitive topic, but honest and open conversations are crucial to advancing our understanding of DEI in Rotary. It’s how we can ensure that Rotary continues to be the place where leaders can connect with one another and take action to make our communities and our world better.

Valarie K. Wafer
Rotary International Director, 2020-22
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force Chair

A note to club officers: We appreciate your support in answering members’ questions and providing them with information about Rotary’s global DEI efforts. Because this survey involves a random sample of our members, not all of you will be chosen to participate. If you are part of the random sample, you’ll receive the survey invitation in approximately one week.

CC: RI Board of Directors, TRF Board of Trustees, district governors, club presidents, club secretaries
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