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11Jan23 Cindy about Being Brave
President Barbara opened the meeting with 'O Canada, toasts to Rotary International and to King and country. We recited the 4-way test.
Cindy Benning spoke about “Being Brave”, the title of her book and how being brave relates to her story and to our club See Cindy below.
Cindy's visit with us today was part of a tour that she is doing promoting her book “Being Brave” which is about leadership. A little bit about her history: she began her work life in 1987 in a chemistry lab and soon was promoted to manager; she ended her career in animal health products in 2021. She went on to relate her troubled relationships with men; she was married to three alcoholic men but fortunately, her current partner is a recovered alcoholic. Her 2 daughters continue to support her. By her own admission, she made some bad decisions about her relationships with men; on the plus side, her new career in leadership studies led to her book. She explained rather abstract concepts about pain and rejection; for instance, strong caring people don't necessarily express leadership qualities. Being brave is the absence of fear. Courage is a choice to carry on despite fear. She spoke about how emotional pain and the resulting damage caused her to swear against it. Cindy then hired a personal coach. She learned to unprogram her negative feelings through thought processes like imagining herself as a butterfly.
Then Cindy began a mini training session by asking us what is our favourite colour, favourite animal, and favourite body of water. Our imagined answers represent how we feel about ourselves, what characteristics we look for in a partner and a friend, and feelings that reflect on our love life. For obvious reasons, there was no sharing time. Cindy said that our club has some aspects of the 5 virtues mentioned in her book: Benevolence, Respect, Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Emotional Consciousness (a concept she trademarked). Benevolence occurs in our club when we give feedback that is in the best interest of each other and the club. We should Respect the differences/heritage of other people and people groups. We are Authentic when we know ourselves and communicate our true selves in truth to our club and members. When we are Vulnerable, we demonstrate encouragement and trust appropriately. Emotional Consciousness is a deeper state of awareness when we identify that our thoughts have valid roots.
Q&A: Malcolm noted that Cindy is the first member of our club to publish. When he asked Cindy what we can do, she replied that we can help her change the way people lead and suggested that members might know of a person or organization that could use the training she provides. Maggie noted that Cindy has been in leadership roles and has not demonstrated that she has been traumatized. Cindy calmly replied that she has been called “Spock”, as from the movie “Star Trek” who represented someone who did not show feelings outwardly.
Trish spoke from letters sent to club by Elaine Catchpole and Kathy Willson thanking us for hosting them at our Christmas party in 2022. (see a picture of the cards below)
President Barbara reminded us of our responsibilities and revenue from volunteering at Jackpot City.
Next week we meet for bowling at Heritage Lanes, 1213 Talbot St, St Thomas, ON N5B 1G8 at 12:00 PM $18 pp includes lunch. Cindy will make this a fun event for us.
Cindy updated our giving to International Service with the tantalizing hint of a possible Friendship Exchange to Africa touring 3 projects.
The board will meet via Zoom Monday 23 Jan 23, at 7 PM. Look for the link by email.
President Barbara reminded us to read the District Foundation Newsletter, more info can be found on the District 6330 website at Home Page | Rotary District 6330 (
The 50/50 draw was won by Mary.
The Finemaster (Barbara) proved that members are not reading the Rotary magazine; we did not know that the Oakville Club sponsored a “Bags for Barley” event that was reported on the page snapshotting noteworthy Rotary activities in our world. 
Happy Finns
Mary- Cindy’s talk, son home at a later date than planned but enjoyed the visit, happy to be with the club
Malcolm- Cindy’s talk, Cindy has published
Maggie- Cindy’s talk
Bill- Cindy’s talk, family reunion at Christmas
Trish- Cindy’s talk, wonderful holiday break
Stew- Cindy’s talk, interviewing potential International Students for admission to OVC
Mark- Cindy’s talk, Christmas in Welland in a snow storm
Nancy- reviewing personal ?, Christmas at Indiana
Barb- Cindy’s talk, family Christmas, gift exchange of past Christmas’s, Bob recovering from hip surgery, son injured at hockey
Ron- Cindy’s talk, her future speaking engagements, quiet Christmas, 6-year grandchild's birthday, Tabernacle Christmas concert, good to be back at Rotary, adding to club memorabilia
Cindy- ours is the best Rotary Club!
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