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21Apr21 Dr. Bob Warnock-COVID 19 and Good Health
Guests today were Bob Warnock and Maggie Horn
Wednesday April 28 7:00 pm Zoom Event: “Public Image – The Musical”. Put on by Rotary Zones 28 & 32. Attendees will learn important skills such as video marketing, Facebook analytics, Instagram engagement, and making the most of our Rotary database.
Thursday April 29 12:00 noon DEI Webinar “Building Strong Intergenerational Relationships”
May 12 8:00 pm RI Foundation Fundraising Gala tickets $110US distinguished speakers, entertainers, a live auction, inspiring stories about service supported by TRF and much more!
24May21 no Club meeting
Howard Shear Area 4 Assistant Governor Elect forwarded a Mother's Day opportunity you might be able to use in your club;
 On June 5, we are celebrating D6330 RYE5050 years of Rotary Youth Exchange in District 6330! This celebration is also a reunion from across the years and the planet: an opportunity for D6330 RYE alumni, Rotarians, and host families to reconnect and catch up. The event will start with a plenary session, celebrating all that we have accomplished through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program in the past 50 years. Afterward, attendees will have a chance to break into small groups to visit with Rotarians from their host or sponsor club, other inbounds or outbounds from their year, and host families! Are you a D6330 RYE alumna or alumnus? A Rotarian who is/has been involved in the program? A host family member? Register today at See video:
The next board meeting for Wednesday May 12, following the regular meeting. This is a correction to the minutes for the meeting.
World Immunology Day is coming up, so it is fitting that President Elect Barbara Warnock introduced our guest speaker, her husband Dr. Bob Warnock. Bob is a Doctor of Chiropractic with a major in Viral Immunology. He has practiced in Aylmer for 27 years. His topic was COVID 19 and Good Health:

The Polio (a virus) vaccine is “inactivated live” but can sometimes change to the wild form. The Diphtheria and Tetanus vaccines are created from the toxins produced by these bacteria.

COVID 19 is also a virus, but some vaccines are of a different type, eg the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 and Moderna. They use (mRNA), a copy of the messenger RNA of the virus that forces the body to make proteins like the spikes on the outside of the virus. Your body then makes antibodies against that protein. When the real virus invades, the body can then wage war on the virus.

Johnson&Johnson and Oxford-AstraZeneca are“vector” vaccines are produced from innocuous Adenovirus’s with spike proteins from COVID19 virus. The Adenoviruses then reproduce inside the body to produce the same kind of antibody/immune response as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Scientists do not fully understand what causes blood clots after 1 in a million people were innoculated with Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. No one can get COVID infection from these vaccines. The vaccines do not prevent infection, but reduce the severity of disease. We do not know yet the extent to which vaccination programs will remain in place.

About 25 % of Ontarians have received the first vaccine, and a small fraction of that, the second vaccine. COVID19 is spread by droplets and aerosols from the respiratory passages of infected individuals. To some extent, it can be spread from contaminated surfaces.

Dr Bob also spoke of the nasal spray that neutralizes COVID19 virus if used less than 24 hours after infection. It is used in India and Israel but not approved yet in Canada.

Stress and COVID19

Stress can be caused by Environmental, Nutritional and Emotional factors that affect our Adrenal System. Methods that can reduce stress are:

1.Meditation (there are Apps for that)

2.Reach out and talk to others.

3.Journaling translates your feelings to yourself.

4.Designate a time to worry.

5.Turn off computer media/news and turn on music and nature sounds.

6.Ask for help from a therapist.

7.Do something to help someone else.

Malcolm: Why use soap? The alkalinity of soap neutralizes germs and help wash them away.
Ron: We do not know yet the extent to which vaccination programs will remain in place.
Bonus Comment: North Dakota has a surplus of vaccines and are supplying to bordering prairie provinces which are in need of vaccines.
Thank you Dr. Bob, for your helpful insights.
Connie presented cheque to Food bank (Picture compliments of Rotary Club of St Thomas Facebook)
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