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New Story January 12 2021
Next week 20Jan21, we hear Bill Horn's History in Rotary.
Next District Zoom is 10Feb21.
Zoom webinar
Farah Syed of the Rotaracters at UWO outlined the activities of the club through the following slides. Each activity is spearheaded by a Vice President; each can spend up to 5-20 hours a week depending on when their program is active. They have fundraised by selling "Crsipy Creme" donuts (went out of stock almost immediately) and sweaters.
Michellle Pfile spoke about "Making Social Media Work for Us". We should know the profile of the demographic we wish to reach and decide the content we wish to put on social media. The images that Rotary allows our club to use in promotions are great, but they do not evoke emotions in whoever sees them. People like pictures of things that leave them feeling happy or empathetic etc. Images and ideas need to engage the people we want to reach. Our message needs to be consistent, posted regularly and frequently (suggest 2 times per week). We should invite people to share information and their opinion.
Leon Hemeryck gave suggestions that can provide Cyber Security for us on the internet. Issues arise because data has value, and some people are willing to use email phishing, spoofing, and deception to extract money. Malicious emails (spoofing, phishing) come disguised in a form that looks familiar or appears to come from someone/organization known to the recipient. If the recipient responds by clicking a link or a button, the spoofer then has a pathway for placing malicious software. Leon gave an example of a message that (apparently) came from a boss to an employee asking for them to get a gift card to go to a client. When the employee got the card, they were asked to provide numbers from the scratched card to the "boss"; that information can be turned into cash by the perpetrator.
If an email or webpage looks suspicious, Leon suggested hovering the mouse over the info or link about the source of the web page or email. Web page addresses that don't define the true source of the information it should represent should be deleted. Save your favourite links in a favourites list so you do not need to type each URL because you could mistype a link similar to your intended destination and end up at a site that is fake.
Malicious .exe program install files disguised as .pdf files could put malware on your computer (in the case of Microsoft operating systems). Don't allow anyone to remotely control or 'repair' your computer. Use working antivirus software on your computer.
Don't give away sensitive information. Use 2factor authentication when logging into a secure site involving money or sensitive info. Don't save passwords on your computer. Use different passwords for every secure login site. Use long non-descript passwords of at least 12 characters. Remember that the 'bad guys' operate from secure web sites (web page address starts with https://). If your email has been hacked, then your contacts information has likely gone to the hacker. 
Jim Swan asked "how do you know when your system is compromised. Leon advises contacting your tech support.
145 or more people zoomed on the webinar. 
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