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15Sep21 Mark Holmes Classification
September 15, 2021 Rotaserver
President Barbara Warnock opened the meeting with a resounding gong and the Land
Acknowledgement. 11 members sang an on-tune “O Canada”, followed by the recitation of the
4-way Test. Malcolm gave a Rotary Meditation and there were toasts for Queen and Country
and Rotary International.

1. Joint “Honouring Indigenous Persons” (HIP) meeting with Railway City Rotary Club of
St. Thomas at the CASO Station called for 5:00 p.m. and formal meeting beginning at
5:30 p.m. on Wednesday September 22, 2021. Invitations will go out to members and
friends of Rotary via Club Runner (Malcolm). Please keep in mind the following:
 Indicate if you wish to purchase a brown bag lunch for $12 and indicate your
sandwich choice (Note: personal food is not allowed in CASO station due to
Covid precautions)
Two fabulous speakers are lined up for this event. They work with Indigenous youth; Clay
is an outdoorsman working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth together; Carla works
on an Youth Olympics for Indigenous youth.
Nancy Lovelock will follow up with RCRCST regarding videotaping or live streaming of
the event.

2. Unity Walk – Hosted by STELIP with the theme of celebrating diversity. All are invited
to participate in the walk on Saturday September 18, 2021 which begins at the YWCA
Mary St., St. Thomas at 11:00 a.m. and proceeds to the Horton Market. Celebrate by
showing our diversity; carry or wear something symbolizing your cultural background,
country of origin or your traditions.

3. From the Dictionary Project – today’s daily word is “Diversity” – how appropriate!

4. Catharine announced that at the Horton Market on Saturday Sept 18 th , 25 th and Oct 2,
Discovery Tour tickets will be sold. There are enough people from the club going on
Sept 18 to work at the Market and to sell tickets at a separate table. Contact Catharine
for selling on Sept 25 and Oct 2. Barbara agreed to email regarding the need for more

5. Rotarians grieve the loss of Roger Catchpole who died earlier this week. He was 95
years old and a long-time supporter of Rotary. Roger was married to Elaine Harrington
Catchpole, who is a friend of Rotary, long associated with Rotary’s Music Festival and
through her Rotarian father’s (Allan Harrington) work in Rotary. Roger and Elaine also
sponsor the Catchpole-Harrington scholarship at the Music Festival. We send our
condolences to Elaine and the family.
6. The London Free Press ran a small article outlining the “Rotary Discovery Tour”, which
also seemed to suggest that Barbara was living in London (does Bob know about this?)

Club Business
Rotary Discovery Tour will provide a mobile phone # for contact on Oct 3, 2021 in the
There is a sign up sheet for volunteers to work on October 3 rd . Contact Trish Shouldice.

October 24 th (Jonas Salk’s birthday) is World Polio Day. It was agreed to investigate a
flag-raising ceremony at City Hall again this year. Malcolm will contact City Hall regarding
possible dates and times. Trudy will contact emergency services personnel. Ron has the flag.
Trish and Nancy will publish the event on free media. A donation to Polio Plus will be made on
behalf of the club. Nancy noted that while we have no active cases in Canada, there are those
managing Post-Polio Syndrome from the long-term effects of having had polio earlier in life.

Trudy noted that of the over $2000 raised at the Horton Market this summer through
donations to specific charities, approximately $142 was toward the Polio campaign.

Board Meeting to be held after the regular meeting on: Wednesday Oct 6 2021. At that
time hybrid Zoom meetings will be discussed as some members cannot attend in person

Mark Holmes gave a lively and enlightening presentation (see picture of Mark and Barbara) of how he became involved in Rotary
and what he has learned and participated in over many years in the Rotary Clubs of Coburg and
Welland. Mark spoke of his career in newspaper advertising sales and the many places that he
and his family have lived.
We learned of some of the many diverse fund-raising ideas from the work of Rotary. One of the
highlights of Mark’s Rotary career to date has been the development of a sponsorship package
which helped us greatly with our current Rotary Discovery Tour.
Mark spent his life with two wonderful adoptive parents who have both passed on now.
Surprisingly, a link through his daughter with Ancestry unearthed his two biological parents and
has brought him into a relationship with previously unknown family.
Mark says he enjoys raising money and doesn’t care where the money is allocated. He trusts
his Rotary friends!
President Barbara thanked Mark for his “infectious enthusiasm”. Mark’s full presentation is
available to club members. See video:

Barbara Warnock won the 50/50 draw and for the first time!

Happy Finns
Catharine – Discovery Tour work by Mark Holmes, Tour Committee and Rotarians
Ron – Mark joining our club and bringing his expertise; Ron recognizes what talent there is in
selling newspaper advertising over so many years; he tried it once and found it very difficult
Gerry – it has been a pleasure getting to know Mark and he is a wonderful addition to the Club;
Gerry is thankful for our club members’ organizing work
Barbara – Mark joining the Club and Barbara and Bob’s upcoming “almost 40 th ” wedding
Malcolm – Great to have Mark join us and great to get over a cataract surgery
Trudy – Welcome to Mark and a good vacation of rest
Pat – YMCA fully open with all activities. Note that the pool closes at noon due to staff
shortage. Yeah for the first day of school when she got to see her grandkids off. Alex (6 years
old) said he would start school, ride the bus and he did not like it would move back to Toronto;
family weekend celebration – due to yoga lessons, when the bench seat collapsed, Pat was able
to roll backward gracefully and uninjured; Mark’s presentation was “engaging, entertaining and
Mary – grandson started university; her brother in law had leg amputated on Monday and is
doing well, her brother and son both had birthdays, Mary had cataract surgery and she
appreciated Mark’s presentation
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