Posted by Nancy-Jane Lovelock on Apr 16, 2018

Ontario Volunteer Service awards – Aylmer, April 11, 2018

Thanks to Nancy Lovelock, six members of the St. Thomas Rotary Club were nominated by her for their club service to the community – 10 years; Paul Blower, Suzanne Ferguson, Mike Moore; – 15years; Dave Payler; – 40years: Ken Ferguson; -- 50 years; Bill Horn. All were accepted.
Only 70 such awards were presented Wednesday evening out of nearly 130 accepted from organizations in this area. Like with our club, many had other commitments. Our club had a combined meeting with the Interactors limiting attendance in Aylmer to Suzanne, Bill Horn and Faye Ferguson accepting for Ken. (Awards to others will be mailed.)
The ceremonies was attended by over 200, featuring Eleanor Robson, wife of Peter, speaking of how her volunteering has rewarded her life, especially after Peter’s death. She was followed by appreciation for service comments by Ernie Hardeman, MPP, and Jeff Yurek, MPP.      
This is the 31st year the Ontario’s Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration has been presenting these awards, doing nearly 10,000 each year. Who knew!
An Evening with St. Thomas Interact.  Wednesday, April 11th marked the joint dinner meeting hosted by the Interact Club under Trudy’s leadership and St. Thomas Rotary at the Wayside.  Guests included, DG 6330, Martin Ward and Mary, Pat Cavan, AG Area 1, and co-chair of District 6330 Interact, Liam Martyn President Elect of Western Rotaract  and friend Kaitlyn,  Barbara and Bob Warnock, Aylmer, David and Joyce Jeffries,  Faye Ferguson, Kathy Wilson, Katherine Janssen, Maggie Horn, Don Ferguson, Marco Valdez, Paul Lovelock.
The Interactors showed a great slide presentation of their events through the year.  The group is nine strong and accomplishes an incredible amount.  Here is a list of some of their many activities:  Pony Pooping Bingo, car washes, Halloween for Hunger Food Drive window painting at Christmas. They man a booth at the Home Show and marshal at the St. Thomas Road Race.  They have contributed $24,500 to the Children’s Hospital through PPB (Pony Pooping Bingo to the uninitiated).  They contribute bears to the Women’s Shelter, contribute to Inn out of the Cold, the Food Bank, the Animal Shelter, take part in Kiva micro-credit programs, help at the Salvation Army kettles at Christmas, participate in the Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders, were in the top 25% of entries for the Rotary video contest and received the Presidential Citation for Interact – oh, and they have time for sleepovers and fun with Trudy, combination advisor and den mother.  This group is an inspiration and we are very proud of them!
Liam Martyn also showcased the many programs offered by Western University Rotaract.
This was an eventful evening.  Six very worthy Rotarians were recognized for their contributions to Rotary and the community at the Ontario Volunteer Service awards in Aylmer.  The six are Suzanne Ferguson, Dave Payler, Bill Horn, Ken Ferguson, Mike Moore and Paul Blower.  Congratulations all!
Nancy Lovelock received a Paul Harris plus 2 from DG Martin Ward.
It wouldn’t be an evening with Interact without some fun and games.  They baffled us at Interact Trivia and the evening ended with a form of potato race – you will have to ask Gerry and Edie for details and possibly photos.
President Trish adjourned the evening at 8:30 PM
Happy Fins:
Trudy for Interact, Rotaract, for DG martin ward and Mary, for Rotarian support and for the Aylmer Rotary Club
Liam Martyn for the invitation to the evening
Sarah Jenkins for Trudy’s support for Interact
Gerry Janssen for Interactors and PETs training
DG Martin Ward for the invitation to the meeting
President Trish for Interactors and Nancy’s Paul Harris
Pat Cavan for the Interactors
Bob Warnock for all that Ron Somerville does
Barbara Warnock for Interactors, Rotaract and the relationship between Aylmer and St. Thomas Rotary
Ron Somerville for Interact, Rotaract and Trudy
Marco Valdez for Interact and Rotaract
Nancy Lovelock for Interact and Rotaract and her Paul Harris