East Coast Kitchen Party will be held virtually on May 30, 2020 with entertainment.  Our club is to designate a restaurant as our favourite for the party - that will be The Roadhouse. More information re getting on-line for the party will be forthcoming via email closer to the time.
District Governor-Elect is David Elliott; the District Governor Nominee-Elect is Mike Chafey for the year 2022; Mike is from Michigan and sounds like a great possible speaker for us.
Rotary International has established a Facebook Live series of weekly presentations with the President and Secretary. We are encouraged to keep up our membership engagement by using Zoom meetings. 
Next week at our regular meeting we will hear from Camilla Miguel regarding the Kenya water project.
When Trudy receives the cheque for the dictionary project she will forward it to Mary.
Nancy is attending District leadership Zoom meetings.
Last night, the London Satellite club held a virtual Trivia night and $800 plus was raised. Gerry thought that this was a fundraising idea with some merit and that our club could host such an event.
Gerry attended a President-Elect meeting via Zoom (as he had agreed to serve another term as  El Presidente) – thanks so much Gerry for your continued and capable leadership.
Zoom Trivia with Host President Gerry
First trivia question: When is a male horse not called a colt? Adriana won with the correct answer of five years.
2nd for Trudy: What do 3 long dashes and three short dashes signify? Answered by Malcolm SOS call.
3rd for Mary: No one guessed properly.
 4th for Stew: What was the first spacecraft to leave the solar system? Answered correctly by Stew Voyager One.
5th for Malcolm: When did the Ultimate Fighting Championship start? No one got the correct answer of 1993. Pat thought that George would have known the answer.
6th: What was the Bronze Age metal alloy? Adriana answered correctly as copper. Pat got a second turn for the question what was the German firm that developed the Condor airplane? No one got the correct answer of the Faulker-Wulf.
7th for Nancy: What was Dennis the Menace's last name? Ron guessed correctly with Mitchell.
8th For Adriana: Jerry asked incorrectly where are we? After a few seconds, he came up with the question: What was the state of Washington called before it was called Washington? Nancy guessed correctly with Columbia.
9th for Trish: What is Bean town? Ron and Stew answered correctly with Boston.
10th for Ron What does the medicine derived from the marshmallow plant do for the body? No one guessed correctly. Answer: It soothes irritated membranes in the nasal passages and increases the flow of breast milk.
There were further questions unrecorded.
We thanked Gerry and Barbara for providing us with fun-filled and informative meetings.
Catherine issued a challenge to all:  invite as many guests as you can to the next meeting and the person with the most number of guests Zooming with us will get a $10 Tim’s card, sponsored by Catherine. Now that’s an idea!