Attendees for the first internet-based Club meeting: Malcolm, Gerry (with Rotary glasses) Adriana, Trudy, Stew, Trish, Bill, Barbara, Bill is represented by the phone icon. Other members encouraged Bill to get the Zoom software and go video.
Regrets: Suzanne, Nancy
Guest: Catharine
Cameo appearances: Nick K., Andrew V.
First virtual club meeting using Zoom. Comment by Stew: Gerry set the meeting up using and hosted the meeting. A Zoom meeting can't happen without a host. The host is responsible to notify meeting members and to provide instructions on using the software, in this case, Zoom. The district 6330 leadership has kindly made the Zoom licence available to us and waived fees. This proves that anyone can participate in the club meeting merely by phoning to the host provided phone number (may be a number from anywhere in Canada, so a long-distance plan is advisable).
Members shared their experiences dealing with the virus and its impact (eg Trish showed handwashing technique)
Gerry went through the list of events cancelled or postponed:
  • East Coast Kitchen Party - postponed to Sep 25
  • International Convention - cancelled
  • Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders - cancelled
  • RLI sessions - postponed till fall
  • Friendship Exchange with South Africa - postponed to July 2021
  • PETS/Leadership exchange - postponed
  • District conference - TBA
How to stay connected: there are many platforms, such as ZOOM, Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc. The important thing is to stay connected, check on family, friends, and neighbours, and find ways to help each other out.
A motion was made, seconded, and passed to make a donation to the St. Thomas- Elgin Food Bank in the amount of $1,000, one-third of which we hope would be compensated through a district grant. 
Individual members are also encouraged to donate the money spent on food at weekly meetings to the food bank or to another charity of their choice.
In place of weekly Happy Finns, a donation could be made directly by members to Rotary International. Visit your account on (called My Rotary), and click on DONATE.
Many thanks to Gerry for leading us in this new endeavour!