President Gerry Presented Harris bear to the Women's Shelter on behalf of Margaret and Andrea for their training to us on the administration of naloxone in cases of overdose to opioid.
Naloxone and information covered in the free training program(Pictures compliments of Malcolm and Club Facebook page)
Margaret and Andrea from Southwestern Public Health trained all attendees on the administration of Naloxone for anyone who may have overdosed on an opioid.
Opioids include: Fentanyl, heroin, morphine, Percocet, Dilaudid, methadone, codeine.
A person may not know that they have taken opioids as many street drugs can be laced with them. Signs of overdose include: the person can't be woken up, breathing is slow or has stopped, snoring or gurgling sounds, fingernails and lips turn blue or purple, pupils are tiny or eyes are rolled black, the body is limp
If you find someone experiencing an overdose call 911 for medical assistance.
Naloxone works by displacing (at the cellular level of the brain) the opioid at receptors; then blocks the receptors and the effects of the opioid for 30 to 90 minutes. Naloxone is delivered by nasal spray. It is not uncommon for emergency services personnel to deliver 7-9 doses of Naloxone before the patient recovers. There are 2 doses in the kit, enough to provide reversal of the opioid until emergency workers arrive. The effects of the opiate are usually longer than the effects of Naloxone. Naloxone only works for opioid overdoses, and will not cause harm if given for some other similar symptoms.
Kits are available for those who have been trained. If you or a group you know wishes to be trained, call Southwestern Public Health at 519-631-9900 ext 1278.
Trudy and Connie presented donation to Christmas care
Truly and Connie presented donation to Karen of the St Thomas-Elgin Food Bank
Trudy and Connie presented a donation to Destination Church and their school lunch program
Trudy and Connie presented a donation to the Salvation Army
Announcements by president Gerry:
see the link below to learn about giving to the Rotary International Tuesday Giving then go to the button “Donate Now”
Margaret Thacker’s obituary was in the London Free Press. There will be a memorial for her in May of 2020.
There will be no regular meeting next week; instead we meet at the Wayside at 5:30 PM for our Christmas celebration. Socks and mitts will be received for the Talbot teen center.
President Gerry Presented a printed copy of the minutes of the AGM of the Foundation.
Tips (money) for the wayside staff will be collected 18 December after the Christmas message. The greeter at the Christmas party next week is Malcolm. The 50/50 draw was won by Gerald but there seems to be some dispute about that. Fine Master Trudy asked for a list of fundraising activities the club has initiated over the years. We came up with the following:
Tour of Homes, Gala Dinner, Music Festival, Chocolate extravaganza, Travel and Adventure presentation, Horse Show, Fish Fry, Car raffle (Ford Pinto & including a kit car by Ray Broadbent), Poinsettia sales, Ploughing Match and other food trailer operations, Water Project, Parking for events
Happy Finns:
Nancy 1- Naloxone Training
Malcolm 2- Naloxone Training, grandson 12th birthday
Trish 2- Naloxone Training, Nancy’s training at aquafit
Barbara 2- Savannah, going to visit daughter in Fredericton
Trudy 3- split of 50/50, Naloxone Training, Interactors painting at Wayside
Connie 1- went to conference with husband Bob and was surprised by how much she learned
Gerald 1- Terry head organist at St Andrews United Church London passed away suddenly of meningitis after visiting emergency. He is a friend of Gerald’s and was nice all the time. He said maybe we should not be like that if that is our reward.
Ron 1- son who took photos on their African trip was asked to go back on Safari, expenses paid
Pat 4- granddaughter, daughter, grandson, Naloxone Training
Gerry 3- Play at Stratford “Billy Elliot”, grandson, Naloxone Training
Fine Master
Dec 4, 2019
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Dec 11, 2019
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Dec 18, 2019
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Jan 8, 2020
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