Malcolm and Bill doing what kids do
Club Assembly- we find out what is happening
in out club.
Rotaserver 2 Oct 2019
Notes by Barbara Warnock and Trish Shouldice
11 happy Rotarians met for Club Assembly and had a lovely meal together at the Wayside.
A reminder that there is no meeting on Wednesday October 23rd.  In its place, we will be hosting a flag-raising at City Hall at 11:45 on Thursday October 24th, World Polio Day.  Lunch to follow at Legends.
London Museum has a polio exhibit with Reception on October 24th.  See information in “The Bridge” newsletter.
            President Gerry passed around a breakdown of Club Expenses as referenced in last week’s budget review.
Club Assembly
RON - Needs list of invitees to Christmas Party.  Debate on date and conclusion that if Railway City Club hosts their party on December 4th, we will move our party to December 11th in order for those interested to attend both parties.
TRUDY – Interact Club very busy with car wash ($241), Road Races and soon to be collecting non-perishable items for Hallowe’en for Hunger for the Food Bank; fund also started on Facebook with money yet to be received
* During October, club members may bring in canned goods for the food bank
ADRIANA -International Service – Guatemala Clean Water project under consideration
TRUDY – Foundation – 15 schools will receive dictionaries – only 3 more schools to visit
NANCY – November 2nd – Vibrant Clubs event at United Church in Grand Bend.  Focus: Foundation, Public Image and Membership.
  • On-line Foundation training for at least 2 members of each club to be able to participate in District Grant application. Consists of information and quiz. More information to follow. 
  • Youth Exchange – 50th Anniversary – Kirk Langford is Chair and collecting info regarding past RYE students, host families etc.  Trudy has responded to the survey.
  • Area 10 meeting – Breakfast at 9 a.m. at Village Pantry in Lambeth on Saturday October 19th
  • Rotary Learning Institute in London at King’s College. Date TBA
TOUR of HOMES – October 2nd and 16th meetings cancelled.  Next meetings are October 9th at Merriview at 7 p.m. and October 30th.  Most posters are assigned for distribution and Nancy will check on first printing of tickets which we hope to distribute to outlets by tomorrow.
STEW – Media – Music Festival Registration under separate tab; Tour of Homes – event is activated now; posting to Club’s Facebook page - exercise completed by Stew, Trudy and Bill to test that anyone in Club can post there – yes you can! Remember to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’. So far over 1000 people have received the post featuring the Tour of Homes poster.
SUZANNE – Sent message via Nancy of Club’s Charter date by researching her father’s archives – E. Frank Sanders was the Charter President and Suzanne has the date of:
May 24th, 1950
Adriana was Fine Master and gave an update from the latest “Rotarian”. As a lawyer in Mexico, having been involved with cases of violence against women and children, Adriana drew our attention to an article interviewing Dr. D. Mukwege from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr. Mukwege was one recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 for his efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon in war. He has treated women and children of all ages. He made the distinction between women being a victim and a survivor by saying “Victims are women who come to the hospital with their trauma and feel that nothing will change.  But when they overcome that trauma and decide to lead a new life – one where they are not only living for themselves but working to prevent what has happened to them from happening to others – they become survivors”. Further, when asked what Rotary can do to promote justice he stated “Rotary is an organization based on altruism, on trying to make the lives of others better.  In Congo, we need to teach people to understand that you can win when you make others win. If you only care about making yourself better everyone will be worse off. If you make life better for others, your life will be better. So what I can ask Rotarians in Congo to do is to teach others what altruism means.”
Ron won the 50/50
Happy Finns
Trish (1) son and daughter in law’s first dance after their marriage
Nancy (1) daughter Michelle’s knee healing well, now using a cane
Malcolm (2) young grandson scored multiple goals in hockey
Bill (1) grandaughter’s birthday
Adriana (1) thankfulness
Trudy (1) thanks for help with dictionaries
Connie (1) grandson’s good report from cardiac and respiratory specialists that he is improving
Ron (2) Driving test completed; only his second test in 65 years; Ron had help from a friend who is a driving instructor to drive through the route in advance; Ron gave several up to date suggestions for our driving awareness
Gerry (2) Great golf game yesterday with 2 friends; son’s birthday last week
16 Oct 19
Greeter Suzanne
Fine Master Michele