Rotary flag waves proudly at City Hall announcing
Polio Eradication Week
Proud group at City Hall
First responders at Flag Raising
Trudy marks pinkies with purple in recognition 
of World Polio Day
Gerry and Scott Atkins Salvation Army
President Gerry presents Rotary Bear on behalf of
Mayor Joe Preston
ROTASERVER NOTES – Meeting October 30, 2019
Gerry opened the meeting with welcoming everyone and a special welcome to our guests Scott Atkins and Al Hardy.
  • Toast to Queen and Canada
  • Toast to Rotary International
  • Rotary Meditation by Malcolm
Rotary Announcements
  • Last week was the flag raising ceremony at City Hall for Polio. Thanks to everyone for coming out to participate. A special thank you to Suzanne for connecting with City Hall, Ron for arranging the flag raising, Trudy and others for inviting First Responders and Law Enforcement Personnel, other guests and a special thank you to Nancy for talking to us about polio.
  • Friday October 25, 2019, Malcolm and Gerry attended the MyFM Spirit Awards at the Seniors’ Centre. St. Thomas Rotary Club was nominated in the Service Clubs category and ended up in the top four. First place went to the Optimist Club of St. Thomas.
  • Tuesday October 29, 2019, was the last committee meeting for the TOH. There are still some spots to be filled by volunteers, especially at the front doors of each home where we would like to see a Rotarian. You can sign up with Mary or Melody.
  •  Adriana has extra TOH posters and Gerry has extra tickets.
  • We also need cookies for our volunteers. Cookies can be dropped off on Friday November 8th , in the morning between 9:00 and 10:00 am at St. Hilda’s St. Luke’s Anglican Church, 185 Elm St, St. Thomas, beside St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital.
  • Saturday November 2, 2019, from 09:00 to 12:30 is the Vibrant Club Seminar in Grand Bend and throughout the District by Zoom Conferencing. Anyone interested in learning more about Rotary and learning more about making your Rotary experience more fulfilling, please join us for our first Vibrant Club Seminar. A must attend event for Presidents, President Elects, Membership Chairs, Public Image Chairs, Foundation Chairs, Grant writers and anyone interested in learning more about making the Rotary experience more vibrant. The cost is $10.00.
  • Suzanne received an email from CTV. They can do a location shot for TOH on Friday night November 8. Brenda will be looking after discussing the details of TOH with them.
Guest Speaker
Scott Atkins is the Community Speaker and Co-ordinator for the Salvation Army in St. Thomas. He spoke about the foundation and history of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization.
The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Program is the Heart and Soul of the Salvation Army. The Kettle Program raises money to give back to the needs of the community. Their 2019 campaign aim is to raise $150,000.00.
The ringing of the bells is to remind people of those in need in the community and to acknowledge that someone gave a donation.
The Salvation Army has put a new program into place this year. They will issue gift cards for people in need for various amounts and have done this by partnering with FreshCo in St. Thomas.
The Kettle Program is a 6 week program, which starts with an official flag raising ceremony at St. Thomas Town Hall on November 15th starting at 9:30 am. The Kettles are in place starting on November 16th at various locations in St. Thomas (Food Basics, Giant Tiger, Metro, Superstore and Wal-Mart).
The Salvation Army is in need of and looking for volunteers to help with the Christmas Kettles. They are offering volunteer training to anyone interested on Thursday November 7th at 6:30 pm, located at The Salvation Army Citadel, 380 Elm St., St. Thomas.
All donations raised by the Salvation Army in St. Thomas stay in St. Thomas (included with St. Thomas is Aylmer and Port Stanley).
The Salvation Army does not work with the Christmas Care Program.
Scott’s presentation was concluded with Gerry presenting him with the Harris Bear.
Fine Master
Nancy shared some updates with the meeting and included some facts and information on the Polio vaccine. She also shared some information from an article put out by the Globe and Mail on Polio.
50/50 Draw
Won by Al Hardy
Happy Fins
Barb (2)
The Christmas Carol Sing at the Old St. Thomas Church. A successful week for the play in Alymer.
Bill (1)
The success of the Play in Alymer.
Gerald (1)
Got a ticket to see the performance of the play “Hamilton” in Toronto
Ron (2)
Thanks to Scott Atkins from the Salvation Army for his presentation. Thanks to Pat for her work for TOH and the final meeting of TOH.
Malcolm (2)
Thanks to Scott Atkins from the Salvation Army for his presentation. Going back to Ottawa to spend time with his sons.
Al Hardy (2)
Good to see the fine folks of St. Thomas Rotary. Winning the 50/50 draw and also for his Birthday.
Pat (3)
Barb and Mary’s directing of the Play in Alymer. Had a wonderful time at Cirque du Soleil performance in Toronto.
Scott (1)
Thankful for the opportunity to meet the fine folks of St. Thomas Rotary.
Nancy (1)
Thanks to Scott Atkins from the Salvation Army for his presentation.
Gerry (4)
His best friend’s grandniece who is 6 years old had a heart transplant. Thanks to the TOH Committee. Thanks to Scott Atkins from the Salvation Army for his presentation. Celebrating his Nephew and Sister-in-law’s birthdays.
Mary (2)
Thanks for the success of the play in Alymer. Granddaughter’s birthday.
Connie (1)
Thanks to Scott Atkins from the Salvation Army for his presentation.
Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:00 pm.
Notes 6Nov19 Mayor Joe Preston
Mayor Joe Preston spoke to the club about opportunities facing the city.  Rapid growth continues and he sees another 10,000 homes being built within our boundaries.  In addition, there is a current need for 1,500 rental units.  For example, when the old Scott Street school was turned into housing there were 500 applications for the 37 units.  He spoke about the need for the Inn Out Of The Cold as a first step in reaching out to the homeless.  Public transit is another priority.  His goal is to see a daily bus service to London by 2021 with less frequent services to Port Stanley and Aylmer.  Contrasting his current position with that of an MP he said he enjoys the fact that things can often be done within hours instead of years.  At the Federal level there continues to be great legislation developed for the country but often the pace seems to be glacially slow.  He knows his way around the city, knows and is well known and has enjoyed walking up Talbot Street and chatting with some of the business owners.
Malcolm Rust introduced the Mayor referring to his service as MP for EML for 11 years - 4 terms - retiring in 2015.  Always interested in and involved with this community he continues to be a business owner of Wendy's and Living Alive Granola as well as a supporter of Farmtown Canada.  He became Mayor of St. Thomas in 3 Dec 2018 and was his first visit to the club since taking office.
Happy Fins - donations of $5 to Rotary International World Fund in gratitude for the good things in our lives 
3 Nancy - thanking Joe for his visit; thankful for the City's help when her home flooded; welcoming a refugee family of 8 from Rwanda.
4 Trish - thanking Joe; Rotarians helping Ed & Kathy on the weekend; vacation to Cochran and Hawaii; Connie decorating a house today.
2 Stew - thanking Joe; Glad the focus is on Housing and Transportation; Hawaii was fantastic.
2 Malcolm - thanking Joe; great weekend in Ottawa with 2 sons and 6 adult grandchildren.
1 Barb- How much here late mother would have enjoyed being able to take a bus to London.
2 Bill - thanking Joe; attended Shirley Smith's birthday party.
1 Maggie - her grandson will be 16 years on 11 Nov.
3 Pat - Bill & Ron for helping Ed & Kathy; Shirley's 90th; Halloween in Toronto (in spite of a fall)
2 Adriana - Enjoyed visiting theatre in Aylmer; son Andrew interested in attending Waterloo for mechanical engineering.
3 Ron - thanking Joe; spending 2 hrs with Ed on Sunday;Shirley's birthday.
2 Gerry - thanking Joe; Glad they made the decision to retire to St. Thomas.
(Another $125.00 for the World Fund).
Great to have Melody Brown McKinnon at the club for Tour of Homes business.  Stew talked about people being able to purchase tickets on-line for the first time.
Railway City Rotary Club invite us to attend their regular meeting 5.15pm on Wed 27 Nov for a presentation about Shelter Box.
Volunteers for the Salvation Army Christmas kettles - orientation meeting 6.30pm SA Citadel Thursday 7 Nov.
DateSAAGreeterFine Master
Nov 13Ron SomervilleTrish ShouldiceStew Shouldice
Nov 20Ron SomervilleConnie DavidsonSuzanne Ferguson
Nov 27Ron SomervilleTrudy KanellisBill Horn
Dec 4                                             Ron Somerville                                                                                            Malcolm Rust                                                                                                             None - Christmas Party