Posted by Ronald Somerville on Nov 01, 2018
Such a fine Group of Roatarians! Photo Compliments of Malcolm Rust

This was a 'good times' meeting, almost no business, a few important announcements,


Polio fund-raising advisory – Scott Carie, of the RC Rotary Club has extended an offer to members of both clubs that he will donate matching funds for each individual members' donation to the campaign.


Nancy Lovelock brought information for us from the Area 10 meeting(formerly Area 4) about a new fund-raising proposal from R.I.

A new club recognition will be to receive the title 'Polio Eradication Club' . The title is for any club that attains a 100% participation of members, each member to make a new gift to Polio Plus of $40.00.

Some of the most difficult efforts in the campaign have occurred in the last several years as we try to locate the few remaining new victims and stop them from spreading the disease. The job is not done yet and Rotary is committed to bringing the campaign to a final and successful end. The work needs more money and hence this new appeal.


Nancy has asked for two members to attend the November 10 District Foundation meeting in London. Malcolm Rust will be one of them and perhaps Gerry Janssen. It is important for us to be properly represented because attendance is mandatory for any club that wishes to participate in the Dictionary distribution initiative.


Someone must be greatly appreciative of all Nancy is doing for Rotary because she (again) won the 50/50 draw. However if it happens a third time we will have to do a thorough inspection of Ed Willson's old top hat.


A Memorial service for Ken Ferguson will be held at the Shawn Jackson Funeral Home, on November 12. Visitation begins at 11:00am and the service will begin at 12 noon. Ken was our longest serving member and received 2 Paul Harris Fellowship awards.


Ron brought a supply of cookies for the members to enjoy, purchased as part of a fund-raising campaign for Ronald McDonald House and other local charities.



1 - Mary Morin, to celebrate her granddaughters' 13th birthday


1 – Malcolm Rust – in response to a suggestion for us to be here today in a Hallowe'en costume

      Malcolm purchased one from a store in London. Then the idea was dropped and he had one

      costume too many. So he went back to London and managed to do a return and get his money back,

      which he has now donated to Rotary.


3 – Ron Somerville – relieved that his list of outdoor jobs is completed just in time to miss all the rain. 

      for enjoying a concerrt presented by his son and friends for residents of a London retirement home. 

      glad to learn from Dave Payler that his son is showing improvement following a recent diabetes-

      related operation.


2 – Nancy Lovelock – for winnng the 50/50,   for the good news from Dave Payler.


1 – Kathy Willson – to honour our old friend Ken Ferguson.


2 – Stew Shouldice – to be able to report that the Club Runner website is functioning well for people 

      enquiring about the Tour of Homes,    for Adriana's work in recording all volunteer hours of club



1 – Dave Payler - for his son's recovery.


3 – Pat Martyn – for her grandson's 12th birthday,    for her own xx??th birthday,  and her son-in-law's



2 - Trish Shouldice – for how well the Tour of homes preparations are progressing,     to honour Ken



10 - Bill and Maggie Horn – for just recently having returned for a trip to Israel, a beautiful experience

A CELEBRATION WITH THE KING - The Railway City Rotary Club would like us to join them in an Elvis Tribute at the Saxonia Hall 522 Talbot St W, Aylmer on Sunday 18Nov18 at 2:30 pm. This will support Big Brothers/Sisters and Second Stage Housing. Tickets available from 519-637-2288 or

Duty Roster

Adriana Balderas
Bill Horn
Gerry Janssen
Trudy Kanellis