Posted by Suzanne Ferguson on Oct 04, 2018
Pat Baker thanks speakers Valerie Currie and Ross Fair
by donating a bear to the Woman's Shelter.
Photo compliments of Trudy and Facebook.
The Club welcomed Ross Fair, Chair  and Valerie Currie, Academic Services Consultant from Fanshawe College, St. Thomas campus.   Ross spoke of Fanshawe’s history.  It started in the ‘70’s to help automotive factories find skilled workers.  Now they still do that but have diversified into  PSW; food service, early childhood education and child and youth care.  They have 300 students with 60% coming from out of county.  Students like the smaller campus.  In London the campus has 19,000 students (up from 1,500 in the 70’s).  There are 130 students in apprentice training and 22 students are finishing high school. 
Valerie explained they are responding to the need of the community members with lower levels of education.  Many of these courses are not covered by osap etc. and these students are out of pocket several hundred dollars.  Valerie is asking Rotary to consider giving money for a Rotary Award Merit, possibly $1,000 a year as a bursary to help these people.
Ross won the 50/50  and donated back to club.
Happy Finns
Stew—2 RV service and wedding anniversary (40)
Gerry – 5 wife’s operation went well; trip to Penn; friend’s wifes travels; son’s birthday; Trudy and Dictionary
Ron—2 trip to Peterborough; fell but didn’t hurt himself
Pat Martyn—2 sweet corn being harvested; attended Petrolia summer theatre
Bill – 3 both he and Maggie ordained as church elder; granddaughter bday
Nancy – 2 welcoming family from congo, her church sponsoring; her volunteer chores are done
Jennifer—2  both children won awards at fair
Trish –3 grandson bday; speakers today; anniversary
Maggie—1 granddaughter 21 bday
Adrianna –1 niece found employment
Next week bring a bag lunch to elevated park, weather permitting.
  Put up posters when tickets ready
The meeting adjourned at 1:10.
Duty Roster
ASAA Ron               Greeter Gerald Vreeman           Fine Master Barbara Warnock
Check out "A Red Plaid Shirt" playing at the Aylmer Theatre this week and next.
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