Posted by Stewart Shouldice on Aug 07, 2019
President Gerry presents Harris bear on behalf of
District President Tony Sheard
Sylvia Sheard spoke of next years district conference
in Southampton, don't miss it!
President Gerry received our Literacy Award
President Gerry presented $800 to the YMCA Strong
 Kids and the Fill the bus campaign
Do Goodery
District President Tony Sheard’s catchphrase “Do Goodery” summarizes his message to our club. Tony was club president in 2011 and has many professional accomplishments.
The district sees a net increase in memberships with 200 new members; 40 passport club members; and 2 satellite clubs. He recognizes the difficulty of attracting new members because those we want to attract to our organization are already busy and distracted by competing commitments. It’s difficult to attract their attention but try we must. We can shamelessly show what good work we do. Tony would like all clubs to have a full-time membership committee. The district’s goal is to start 15 new clubs in 3 years. Watch for the district Vibrant Clubs seminar coming up 2Nov19.
The district is looking for a literacy Chair. A matching grant of $70000 is being organized by the Wiarton club that will help Cameroon. Tony encourages us to choose a project while examining impacts and benefits to the target group. Rotary is known for its “end to end” involvement and follow-up. That’s why the Foundation is rated so high worldwide. We should continue to seek recognition for our work through earning citations; that’s a good motivator. There are new membership models coming for Rotary International. Let us not forget the benefits that Adventures in Citizenship, Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders, Central Youth Exchange bring to our community.
Tony wants us to enter into the photo contest before the District Conference in Southampton next 19-21June20 at the beautiful Unifor Centre (set your calendar). We are using our Rotary sunglasses already in our photos and that is a requirement for the contest. There is a cash prize, but the winner will need to write an article and be shown in the Rotary Showcase. Best wishes Tony and Sylvia!
We should all be recording the hours of work we do for the club and forward to Adriana.
Barbara is wanting your suggestions for upcoming speakers.
Stew won the 50/50 draw. President Gerry was fine master; he asked if People knew why he did not get his Rotaserver this month. Give up: answer- Gerry got his online to save trees.
Happy Finns
Stew - 2 
Malcolm - 3
Nancy - 4
Mary - 2
Ron - 3
Connie - 1
Gerry - 4
Trudy - 3
Sorry, I forgot to record what they were for, but mostly for Tony and Sylvia.