Guests Maggie and Millie Pagendam (granddaughter of Trish age 5)
President Barbara Warnock introduced the new theme flag “Serve to Change Lives” See below
The meeting opened with a new announcement of about one of Rotary’s themes, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: We are meeting on aboriginal traditional land occupied by the Attiwonderonk and  Anishinabewaki peoples. The following link shows a WORLD map of aboriginal territories, treaties, etc .
Malcolm is this years Meeting Program Manager. We will meet in person starting 15Sep21 at the Wayside Dining Lounge. We will meet in the backyards of members’ homes or in parks until then. Next week 14Jul21 we will meet at Malcolm’s house 128 Southgate Parkway, St Thomas (be mindful of the detour on Fairview Ave South of Elm St). For those not comfortable with meeting outside in person, we will try a hybrid meeting (both Zoom and in person). There will be no meeting 1Sep21.
We discussed how we might meet with new District Governor, Erin Shankie; meeting may be difficult as she is in Flint, Michigan and the border remains closed. Malcolm is trying to set up a joint meeting with St. Thomas Railway City Rotary Club Re Honouring Indigenous Persons (HIP).
Malcolm sent the following link re Hospice of Elgin upcoming announcement:
Happy Finns:
Connie 1- happy to be let into the meeting
Malcom 1- His oncologist told him he does not want to see him again 2- He was part of a London (England) School of Theology Webinar with breakout rooms and people from around the world.
Gerry 1- pleased with the progress of the Discovery Tour.2- Barbara’s success
Bill 1- Maggie back in St Thomas and fit as a fiddle 2- Thanks for Gerry as president 3- Barbara as new president
Ron 1- a whole bunch of birthdays
Barb 1- Excited to be President 2- Jul Bob’s birthday 3- more birthdays and seeing all children
Trudy 1- Gerry as President 2- Amazon coming so Wayside will be busy 3- helped at Horton Market ($130 for Grace Café, $142 Polio, $180?, $272 Hospice