UPCOMING: A representative from the St Thomas Library will speak to us at next week’s regular meeting at the Wayside. The Tour of Homes Awards Dinner will be at the Wayside Fri 24Jan2020, 5:30 PM, $25 - please advise Trudy that you plan to attend.
Heather Jackson of the United Way has invited community groups that have a concern for poverty, homelessness and barriers to education for an evening of light refreshments and entertainment. This event will be at GCW Custom Kitchens and Cabinetry 95 South Edgeware Rd Tues 21Jan2020 6 PM, RSVP by 17Jan to hjackson@unitedwayem.ca .
Gerry, Nancy and Barbara start off our Rotary Birthday festivities
Today, we celebrated the birth date of our time in Rotary and why we enjoy Rotary and continue to support the objectives of Rotary. Here are our stories beginning with Nancy because this was her idea. Rotary birthdates are taken from ClubRunner Membership data:
Nancy was supported by Suzanne and started Jan 31 2011. She has a Rotary scarf that she wears to help her remember. Local community involvement and meeting with other club members keep her coming back. She favours "do goodery"
Barbara started in the Aylmer Club Dec 01 1991 and recently transferred to our club Jul 01 2018; lucky us.
Trudy is everybody’s friend, so she must like the social aspect. She started Jul 15 2002.
Ron was welcomed into the club by Ed Willson Jul 16 1990. He sure likes to be involved in the community and enjoys the social aspect of Rotary.
Pat Martyn started Rotary Dec 26 1964. We all know how she likes meeting people through Rotary.
Stew and Trish Shouldice started Jan 01 2015 because they were also invited by Edward Willson. They enjoy the fellowship.
Bill Horn was invited by the founder of our club, Frank Sanders Jul 22 1968. He enjoys the speakers and the fellowship, and obviously being involved.
Connie started in 2018 because it is a great way to meet new people in the community, especially when you are new to it. It is easy to get involved.
Gerald was invited at “gun point” by Trudy and Malcolm Jan 09 2017; don’t call the cops because he is willing. He has enjoyed being involved with the Music Festival and the Food Trailer. Some of us experienced the food trailer in a different way. He said “it is better to give than receive”. He likes the people involved with Rotary.
Mary joined the Aylmer club Dec 31 2008, and our club Jul 01 2018; yeah for us! She likes to help others.
Adriana joined Apr 08 2013. She liked the Food trailer activities. She hails from Mexico and likes it hot! In Mexico, she perceived that Rotary was for wealthy people, but here she can be involved. She likes to help and volunteer.
Adriana won the 50/50 draw.
Nancy and Bill with goodies for us and Brithday party kits for others. Barbara solicited for funds to put together birthday party kits (cake mix icing candles etc) for those in the community that can’t afford much of a party. We collected money for the kits with the
Happy Finns. (pictures compliments of Trudy on Facebook)
Happy Finns and party kits:
Trish 1 HF, Good help from physio, 1 party kit
Mary 1 HF, New years and birthdays, 1 party kit
Stew 4 party kits
Nancy 1 HF Birthday, 1 Kit
Ron 2 HF Holidays over, 1 kit
Maggie 1 HF love for and from others and 1 party kit
Bill 4 HF holidays, 1 kit
Malcolm 1 HF holidays, 1 kit
Connie 1 HF time with daughter, 1 kit
Trudy 1 HF Nick doing well in hospital after surgery, 1 kit
Adriana 4 HF Andrew’s pic in Kincardine magazine re Interactors and 50/50 win; 1 kit
Barbara 4 HF club support, 1 kit
Pat Martyn 2 HF Christmas Gravenhurst, 1kit
Gerry 2 HF Club Birthday celebrations, google photos; 1kit
Bill was Fine master and masterfully showed his historically knowledge of the number of homes included in the Tour of Homes over the years at 113. There were Christmas meet and greets at the Museum, Art Gallery, Princess Ave Theatre, Timken Centre and CASO.
Rotary Youth Exchange=leadership and growth. Inbound Student Anna officially welcomed Emily and Andrew who will be travelling to Japan and Germany to represent
Duty Roster
Date                           SAA                           Greeter                       Fine Master

Jan 15, 2020              Ron Somerville          Trish Shouldice          Ron Somerville
Jan 22, 2020              Ron Somerville          Stew Shouldice          Suzanne Ferguson
Jan 29, 2020              Ron Somerville          Bill Horn                     Malcolm Rust
Feb 5, 2020               Ron Somerville           Trudy Kanellis             Trish Shouldice
Feb 12, 2020             Ron Somerville         Connie Davidson       Adriana Balderas