Pat Martyn presented the Harris Bear to Woman's 
Shelter on behalf of Donna Simpson
Lee Smith was President of our club multiple times.
Table 12 at the Chamber of Commerce Impact Awards
Table 13 at Chamber of Commerce Impact Awards
Note: 2 people who spoke to our club, Kelly Franklin
from Farmtown Canada, and Laura Woermke Art
Centre got awards while Maria Fiallos of Las Chica
was a runner up.
Table 53 from East Coast Kitchen Party; from left
Liam Martyn, President of UWO Rotaractors (Sponsored
by Kelly Hanson, Scotia McLeod), President-Elect
Gerry Jannsen and wife Margaret, Trudy, Trish President
and yours truly. Missing are Heather Jarrard London 
Satellite Club (also sponsored by Scotia McLeod) and
Darren Jarrard.
Trudy and Liam
Trudy had to be very patient as she waited for her
Yours truly(Stew Shouldice) just off the lobster boat
Rotaserver 8 May 2019
Malcolm Rust
A Free Reading Program
Many families with elementary school children have learned the value of the Prodigy Math program.  It’s fun, children work at their own pace at home or at school. It’s a game and there are rewards and levels. And all the time they are learning.
Donna Simpson ( introduced us to a reading program that is similar but free to anyone opening it on the web through a Rotary club.  To goes from Foundations to Level 6 reading, language and grammar and is a program children love.  There are over 210,000 enrolled.  It’s a free, robust, online, interactive learning program. With over 3,500 activities, students will improve their Reading Comprehension, Language, Grammar and Spelling skills. And it’s available around the world through online learning.
The global ambassador promotes the program predominately through Rotary Clubs. 100 Rotary clubs have agreed to promote the program. The program is used as an at home learning tool for students in the US & Canada and used in schools in other countries internationally.
More information is available at: or from Donna.
Club News.
Rotarian Lee Smith (Shirley)
Yesterday Trudy Kanellis, on behalf of the club, delivered 16 new cots to “Inn Out Of The Cold” at Central United Church for their homeless program next winter.  They were donated by the family and friends of the late Rotarian (Donald) Lee Smith who passed away 13 Nov 2013 in his 86th year. Lee was three times President of this club, received four Paul Harris Awards and made many other lifelong contributions to family, church and community.
  • 50/50 was won by Adriana Balderas.
  • The Interact Club has been nominated for the St. Thomas Honours & Awards.
  • Trudy is investigating the supply of blue shirts for use by club members on suitable occasions.
Shipment of another container
The club has donated $1,500 towards the shipment of a specialized container. This initiative created by the Rotary Club of Grand Bend collects unneeded school supplies from schools closures in Southwestern Ontario such as desks, chairs, blackboards, etc….  to be used by students in parts of the world these supplies are lacking. This project was initiated by a Grand Bend Rotarian in 2008 and to date 83 large cargo containers have been shipped to needy school children mainly in South Africa.  The project has received significant support from other Rotary Clubs, churches, other organizations, and personal donations - the growth of this project is due in large part to the club's dedicated volunteers, but also to the strong support received from outside our club. 
From Brian Hall of the Global Literacy Project
"The Global Literacy Project has taken a little detour from the sea container loads of school supplies we usually ship.....on March 14 Cyclone Idai devastated much of central Mozambique and parts of Zimbabwe and Malawi.  In addition to the ...... homes destroyed, cases of cholera have risen and ........over 7000,000 Hectares of crops ready to harvest have been destroyed.  The .....Global Literacy Committee is preparing a 40' sea container for shipment to the Rotary Club of Donda, near Beira Mozambique.  Rotary Clubs will distribute the goods to those in most need.  Container and Shipping costs will be $10000. The container will be loaded in Cambridge in early May and will include:  dried soup mix, kidney beans, gloves, isolation gowns, milk bag mats, menstrual kits, baby kits and Medical items. "
This is where our $1500 donation is going - to offset shipping costs. 
Happy Fins.
1          Adriana. For winning the 50/50
3          Ron. For our speaker; Mother’s Day; oldest grandson graduated at Trent University.
1          Bill.  For Margaret’s grandson’s birthday
2          Stew. For our speaker coming from K-W; Upcoming visit of Peter Mansbridge; East Coast dinner in London.
2          Malcolm. Celebrating another Royal son – Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor; glorious   Magnolia trees.
1          Donna Simpson for RC of Grand Bend promotion of the
2          Pat Martyn. Donna Simpson’s presentation; beautiful spring day.
4          Gerry. Dutch Remembrance Day; Canadian-Dutch Heritage Day; Mother’s Day; family birthdays in May.
Note: Donations today for The World Fund (RI) $80.00
Please select the link below to see a video of John Wise School thanking us for the Music Festival!!!!