President Gerry reported the the Donna Bushell estate has willed $30000 to the Rotary Club of St Thomas Foundation for use by the Music Festival. The foundation/Festival agrees to make 2 awards of $500 per year for 10 years. Also, $1000 per year is available to promising students for lessons. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS INCORRECT AND IS REPLACED BY:"The bequest to the Foundation’s Music Festival is $30,0000 from the Donna Vera Evans Bushell estate.
$20,0000 is allocated to establish two annual awards of $1,000 each to be known as the “Doris Evans Award”. There will also be a $10,000 Music Student Fund to support students who require financial assistance for lessons or travel related to the music festival and higher competitions." AS PER FRANK EXLEY, CHAIR OF THE MUSIC FESTIVAL. YOUR EDITOR APPOLOGIZES FOR HIS BAD ARITHMETIC.
Malcolm reported the Jessica Petz, a global scholar the club supported has advanced to a position with the French Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontier) and will be posted overseas. BRAVO!
Next meeting: Wed 16Sep20 we welcome Catharine to our club as she presents her classification talk at the Wayside.
The stories began! The first and second stories consider how people make erroneous judgement calls about other people. Gerry told a story about working out west 14Feb and dining with a gentleman from his workplace. Gerry could tell that other people dining in the restaurant got the wrong idea about dining with a co-worker on Valentine’s day.
Bill had the second story: After Bill and Maggie’s wedding, Maggie and Bill were riding in the back seat of a car with tinted windows.  In the front were Bill’s son (his best man) and another gentleman. Since the car was tagged “Just Married” and no one could see the bride and groom, people were cheering for the gay couple in the front.
Then the fish tales started! Ron said the best Fish and Chips restaurant is in Tillsonburg, Mill Tales.
Maggie said the Pickerel in Lake Erie have been eating the yellow perch, making them unavailable in restaurants.
Gone are the days of huge quantities of smelt in the spring from Lake Erie; there were so many that they ended up as great fertilizer for gardens.
Catharine got the prize for the best tale because she spoke of 5 ft long fish from Buckhorn Lake, having been caught by her brother.
Barb said she caught the biggest fish this year.
Ron got second place for his story about the Swordfish caught near Brockville.
Stew reported about being at the final days of Canada’s last whaling station south of Halifax in 1971. He saw a scientist studying a whale heart and butchers cutting blubber. Stew has baleen from that whale.
2- Barb: son Julian received recognition on Marilyn Dennis show for being conductor on CP Rail as an essential service. He received valuable gifts. He was unable to get to the award presentation on time, but the presentation can be seen on the first show of the season, 20 minutes into the show. Also Emily is in Latvia and Barb communicates with her weekly.
6- Ron: fondly remembers working at the Aylmer Fair with Julian. He was gregarious and outgoing. Ron has helped his son with the apartment building in Port Stanley. It was dry after the high waters of Kettle Creek this week. The grand piano is safe.
4- Trish: the farewell sale and party for Ed and the house went well. She also celebrated 3 birthdays on the same day – hers, her brother-in-law’s and a nephew’s
4- Malcolm: family birthdays and completion of the family history book. Also for today’s meeting.
1 – Maggie: She enjoyed Kathy’s yard sale and got some Rotary cups and spent good time visiting with Kathy
4- Bill: birthdays son, daughter, great grandson. He showed a Horn hat ordered by Maggie
3- Gerry: great time at the Kawartha Lakes. Also for the $30000 gift to the foundation. Jessica Petz’s achievements
2- Trudy: Stained fences and the house next door. Going to Collingwood, also for today’s meeting.