Posted by Stewart Shouldice on Jul 05, 2018
Club memorobelia stored in Stew's garage.
Ed Willson and Mike Baker with club memorobelia
at Elgin County museum. Now Stew can get at his beer fridge!
Your memories are in capable hands at the Elgin County Museum
On 5July18,  Ed Willson and Stew Shouldice moved your archived charter, papers, certificates, plaques, posters, banners, paper Rotaservers, photographs, RI literature and more to the Elgin County Museum. Stew first sorted the items into decades, Music Festival, Tour of Homes, Interact Club, Sight Project, RI literature and song sheets, plaques/certificates etc. Mike Baker graciously accepted them and showed great interest. Mike was a bit surprised by the large volume of material. He will sort further to see what material he feels should stay at the archives/museum.
The club now has a date of 15 Aug 2018 at 10:30 a.m. at the Museum to view what has been sorted and what remains for us to sort through. We will decide what to keep or discard. For lunch, we are meeting at Merriview (home of Brenda Merrifield) 6331 Fairview Road, St Thomas. Please let Brenda 519-631-5528 know if you will attend as she needs to arrange catering. Cost to be announced.
Food Trailer July 1, 2018 at Pinafore Park
Cash sales were $1616.25 plus $58 that the city will reimburse us for food the volunteers ate.
We sold chicken fingers, fries, poutine, hot dogs and drinks. The food was excellent. No rain all day. Stew made over 300 sheets to write orders on and most were used. Mike got the float of $750. We tried to use Bambora payment system through Club Runner for credit cards but only one payment went through, the other was rejected. Since our last year’s payment system for debit and credit is no longer in service, we will be switching to Square.
We had a very slow day due to a number of factors.  When the other vendors closed we had a good run from 7 – 10 p.m.
Factors:  oppressive heat, much lower attendance at park than last year, another booth had expanded their menu with fresh cut fries and poutine with curds plus nachos and chili dogs, drinks were $1 at other booths, lack of making burgers, our signage disappeared from the trailer, our group was in the sun with no shade except canopies, other vendors had shade and were beside a shaded area with picnic tables. Partly this is due to our need for 220volt electricity hook-up and the size of the trailer.
Workers for the event were:
Trailer placement Friday – Ron and Trish
Food delivery Saturday – Ron, Stew and Trish
Set up in morning – Adriana, Andrew, Gerry, Ron, Stew, Trish, Catherine
Shift 10-4 – Gerry, Catherine, Maggie, Bill, Adriana, Andrew, Trish
Shift 4-10 – Gerry, Catherine, Ron, Donna, Trish, Malcolm (till 8), Stew (8-10), Gerald
Clean up Monday – Ron, Catherine, Trish, Stew
Return food to Wayside – Trish and Stew
For Thomas event we will need more help for not only shifts but especially for set up and clean up. 
Trish Shouldice,
Chair, Food Trailer Committee
Jennifer Babcock
Pat Baker
Adriana Balderas
Edie Delanghe
Suzanne Ferguson
Bill Horn
Gerry Janssen
Trudy Kanellis