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left to right:Michelle Massaro, Mary-Beth Scully
Suzanne Ferguson and cousin John Sanders
Pictures compliments of Trudy and Facebook
St. Joseph's Catholic High School
Student: Mary-Beth Scully    Teacher: Michelle Massaro 
With an unassuming demeanor combined with her quirky and fun personality, Mary-Beth Scully is a student that others look up to as a leader in both inside and outside of the school community.  Her diversity in skills and interests combined with her high level of creativity has allowed her to be a volunteer, collaborator and contributor in visual art, performances, graphic design, science, technology and robotics.
Since grade 9 Mary-Beth has been a leader of our school's STEAM Outreach workshops at multiple Elgin County Public Libraries 
and elementary schools both in her after school time and in her holidays. The elementary students took to her immediately because her enthusiasm 
is contagious and she leads with confidence and poise. She welcomes others to take part in the art and graphics department of the school's robotic's team and has made an effort to insure that all students from shy new grade 9s to uninvolved grade 12s found a place to participate and share in her passion for art and design. 
She has mentored students with disabilities one on one to include them and allow them to contribute to the school's Robotics team.
Under her guidance, 8 elementary school students and over 40 high school students have learned to use vector graphic software to contribute to publishing 4 editions of a real playable Trading Card Game. The part of this that is especially impressive is that she arrived at this solely through her own effort as she taught herselfthe ins and outs of the software and then shared her knowledge with others.
She has represented our school community as a two time presenter at the Ontario Provincial Championships and the FRC World Championships where she was a spokesperson for our school's team. 
She also was a volunteer to give VIP tours at the Waterloo and Western University event for the FIRST Robotics Canada Organization.  She volunteers at the St. Anne's Pancake Dinner in support of an International Canadian Charity, Just Cause Education Outreach. Mary-Beth has developed curriculum and lead collaborative activities via skype with this organization to provide access to technology opportunities and connect with other young people in Uganda, Africa. She also has served as a volunteer at a nursing home wich speaks to her kind heart and caring nature.
She has shared  her talents as a performer in the poetry slam every year sharing her original works of prose with the St. Thomas community. This year she was a performer, the master of ceremonies and the winner! Mary-Beth also shares her artistic talents with all kinds of clubs, teams and organizations by creating countless designs for shirts, posters, tickets andpromotional materials whenever asked.
Mary-Beth is a busy young lady, she works a part time job, maintains highest academic standards, takes part in extracurricular activities and volunteers her time all year every year. Mary-Beth Scully is the kind of student both teachers and peers remember not just for her achievements and highly diverse set of talents, but for her positive and inspirational impact on others.
Left to right:Rachel Vojin, Mitchell Pallister
Suzanne Ferguson and cousin John Sanders
Rotary Club “E. Frank Sanders, Q.C. Service Above Self” Winner
Student: Mitchell Pallister, Parkside Collegiate Institute          Teacher: Rachel Vojin
It is with great pleasure that I introduce Mitchell Pallister, Parkside Collegiate Institute’s
“Service About Self” award winner for the spring of 2019. As a teacher to Mitch numerous
times, it is truly an honour to celebrate with him today.
I have had the privilege of watching Mitch grow over the past five years from a young
grade 8 student who reached ahead to complete grade 9 math into a mature, young man.
Mitch has always wanted to help and encourage people, regardless of who they are. He
genuinely cares about others, and not because it makes him more admirable, but simply
because it is the right thing to do.
Mitch is a well-rounded individual who not only excels academically, but also
athletically and socially at both Parkside and in his community. Throughout his four years at
Parkside, he has been involved in three school plays, Sports SHSM, peer mediation,
recreation leadership, is currently the vice principal internal for students’ council, and was
chosen as a representative to attend the Global Student Leadership Summit.
Mitch is also a talented football and rugby player, who has also participated in
basketball, soccer and, track and field in his previous years at Parkside. Perhaps more
important than his physical presence on the field is his genuine desire to be a role model for
his teammates. His perfect mix of talent, hard work, demeanor, and humility have brought
much success to Mitch and his teams.
Not only has Mitch vastly contributed to the high school culture at Parkside, his kind
heart and caring nature continue to be selflessly given to his community. In the past, he has
been a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Shock Basketball; presently, he volunteers
his time for the upcoming Rosy Rhubarb Festival. He is currently putting together the
finishing touches on the One Run event he has helped organize which has already raised
over $20,000 and will help bring cancer awareness to Parkside and its surrounding
community. And he does this all while maintaining a part-time job, a 97% average, and a
smile on his face.
Mitch has long had a passion for math, science, and helping others. He is a kind and
compassionate individual who genuinely wants to challenge himself and make a difference in
the world. It seems only natural that he has chosen to pursue a career in medicine next year
at the University of Guelph. Mitch himself wrote in one of his scholarship applications that
“Serving others is something that I truly enjoy doing, and I can see no better way to do this …
than as a medical specialist.”
Mitch is a confident, yet humble young man who is not one to boast about his
accomplishments or seek recognition for anything he does. I would encourage him however
to take this moment to reflect and be proud of his accomplishments.
Mitch, I am more than grateful for teaching you and sharing your journey over the past
five years. You have already made a difference in so many people’s lives; I can’t wait to see
what impact you will have on the world. Congratulations!
Left to right: Sarah Firth, Bowen Gocan
Suzanne Ferguson and cousin John Sanders
“Service Above Self Award” – Bowen Gocan
Good afternoon, my name is Sarah Firth, and I teach at Central Elgin
Collegiate Institute. I have been given the honour of speaking on behalf of our
school’s chosen recipient of the “Service Above Self Award”, Bowen Gocan.
Currently, I have the pleasure of teaching Bo grade 12 English, and I am also
one of our school’s Students’ Council Teacher Advisors. Over the past four years, I
have been fortunate enough to get to know Bo both in and out of the classroom,
and I can’t say enough positive things about this deserving young man. Not only is
Bo an exemplary student who works hard and strives for academic excellence and
works a part-time job, but he also gives countless hours volunteering in both his
school and outside community.
Bowen is heavily involved in our school’s athletics and arts departments,
Students’ Council, Leadership Class, Christian Fellowship Club and he is a
Colourhouse Captain. He is always the first student to offer to help both his
teachers and peers, and you can always find him volunteering at all school events,
during the day and after school.
In the community, Bo volunteers his time at his church, and he works with
children with special needs, teaching them dance.
Bowen is known around the school as being a trustworthy, positive and
kind student who exemplifies everything this award stands for, and I am very
proud to be able to recognize him for all of his contributions that he makes
towards making our community a better place. Next year, he is heading off to
university to study business, and I have no doubt that wherever life takes him, he
will embrace it and continue to spread his positivity.
Congratulations Bo!
Left to right: Derek Goodwin, Hunter Upham
Suzanne Ferguson and cousin John Sanders
Student: Hunter Upham.
Good afternoon. My name is Dereyk Goodwin and I am the Communications Technology teacher
at Arthur Voaden Secondary School.
Today I am most honoured to acknowledge our recipient of the Service Above Self Award, Hunter
Hunter lives the virtues of service and humility as he strives to make the lives of those around him
so much better.
He is an active member of the Health and Wellness Committee and he eagerly and
enthusiastically participated in several Wellness Retreats bringing back great ideas that benefitted
our school. Hunter is also instrumental in organizing and participating in Wellness Wednesdays
which consistently prove to be positive and successful events for both our staff and students.
Hunter is a role model for others as he selflessly gives of his time to volunteer both at the school
level and the larger community. He is always willing to assist with catering opportunities at various
school events and will offer his time to assist with catering events in the broader community as
well. It appears that Hunter is always there to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed and
asks for nothing in return. There are so many examples of Hunter’s willingness to assist without
hesitation or expectation such as his greatly appreciated efforts at the extracurricular fair.
Hunter is an excellent athlete participating in various sports throughout his career at Arthur
Voaden. Whether playing soccer, basketball or volleyball, Hunter demonstrates skill and
outstanding sportsmanship. All in all, he is just one of those guys that everyone wants to have on
their team.
Hunter’s passion for sports extends far beyond his own participation as he shares his passion with
others in a variety of ways. He is a competent referee and scorekeeper for many elementary
school tournaments and he is a respected volunteer at the Best Buddies Hoop it up events. His
strength of character is highly evident as an eager volunteer at the Special Olympics Bocce Ball
Tournament. As an elementary school track and field volunteer, Hunter can always be counted on
to demonstrate integrity, skill and compassion for young athletes. He is always encouraging these
students to try their best.
Hunter is a leader who consistently strives to inspire others. He was chosen to be part of the
Principal’s Leadership group and he accepted this honour with humble enthusiasm always
recognizing that he was a chosen representative for our school. I know that I have most certainly
appreciated his outstanding leadership role with the video announcements. His talents are endless
when it comes to creative content and others look to him for guidance and ideas.
I know that I represent the voices of so many others as I congratulate Hunter for all his incredible
accomplishments and demonstration of authentic service above self. Hunter, you should be so
very proud of who you are as a friend, student, athlete, volunteer and overall outstanding
individual. You are a most deserving recipient of this most honourable award.

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