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Kelly Franklin of Hometown Canada and Trudy
Photo compliments or Facebook/Trudy
Notes By Suzanne Ferguson
Guests-- Kathy Wilson; Karen Skrill
 50/50 draw winner-- Mary Morin
Happy Finns
Malcolm 1 successful photo sort
Bill 1 grandaughter birthday
Ron 2 going to concert and weekend getaway
Barb 1 Bob away for weekend
Mary 1 winning 50/50 draw
Nancy 1 back from cottage
Pat Martyn 1 great weekend retreat in Mt Hope
Karen Skrill from Florida guest 1 happy to attend this meeting
Trudy 2 dictionaries are here and interactor wedding
Interactor car wash this Saturday September 15 west end of Talbot at Mr Transmission 10 to 1:30 by donation.
Learn about Rotary event Wed Sept 19 at 7 – invite invite invite!!!  At Knights of Columbus.
Program: Kelly Franklin Farmtown Canada
Kelly says ‘she hates that she has to do this work but loves that she gets to do this work!’
All people working at Farmtown are unpaid volunteers.
London is the largest centre in Canada for Human Trafficking. 
The girls in the program help with ideas as to the care they need.
The girls in this program cannot go to regular group homes in case they are pressured to recruits new girls to traffic.
Many girls are in grave danger if their managers think they will go to court and testify.
Kelly’s staff does a lot of training to hospital, police, teachers, restaurants etc. so people can see when trafficking is taking place.
Kelly compares helping  these girls is like ‘nailing jello to a tree’.
Boys are also being trafficking for sex and labour.
Trafficking has no boundaries with religion, location, financial, race etc.
It may take up to two years to recruit a girl through emails, texts, meetings etc.
Girls are isolated, controlled and their phones are monitored.  The girls feel threatened.
If you suspect someone is in trouble do not approach them, call crimestoppers.
Kelly is  looking for volunteers to help with training in how to bring awareness to community. 
She is also looking for volunteer contributions of $25.00 for en route presence.  Envelopes were passed out to make donations.  For those not at the meeting  Suzanne has extra.
Kelly had her book for sale all proceeds go to Farmtown.
Duty Roster
26Sept ASAA Ron               Greeter: Mary Morin                 Finemaster: David Paylor
3Oct    ASAA  Stew               Greeter: Malcolm Rust         Finemaster: Trish

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We meet Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
Wayside Dining Lounge
10680 Sunset Road
Talbotville, ON  N0L 2K0
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