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Next week Bob Jones from the Hospice Elgin and a retired General Practitioner and former neighbour of Gerry and Catharine will speak to us about the Hospice facility proposed in Elgin County.
Bob Pate is a member of our club, but he was unable to attend today because he was opening the Wayside for business. Gerry and Catharine had a takeout meal from there and found it pleasing and spicy. 
Malcolm encourages the club RYE committee to consider their participation in the upcoming RYE reunion.
Trudy left to help a friend. She and her team will participate in the Coldest Night of the Year walk for homelessness, a Canada-wide initiative. Please contribute using the following link: https://cnoy.org/home  To date they have surpassed their goal and raised at least $700.
The Oakville Rotary Club is sponsoring a speaker series on 9th of March 7:00 PM; see the following link: https://portal.clubrunner.ca/160
Please see the following link from the Wiarton Rotary Club re the upcoming Online Trivia in Support of Youth. https://wiartonrotary.org/trivia/ 
As of 1 July 2021 president Gerry will be the Assistant Governor for area 10.
President Gerry showed us by zoom a video play of the first four Rotarians and the beginning of Rotary.  Please see the link from Rotary International:https://www.rotary.org/en/history-first-four-rotarians
We agreed that fellowship was the most important part of our time in Rotary, closely followed by service in our community and internationally.
President Gerry projected his screen to our zoom meeting and showed us how to register and provide a secure password with myrotary.org and rotary.org. As members, we can then click the login button and make donations to the foundation to become eligible for Paul Harris points. The club has donated $260,182 to date. (As the editor and secretary, I discovered that I should overview the training for my position with the club.)
Ron has 2 copies of a book about the history of Rotary that he is making available to read. There are many stories in the book, such as Rotary's involvement in the formation of the United Nations.
President Gerry asked for comments about his close-cut hair. (I must admit I did not notice because there wasn't much to notice.)
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